More than 25 years of experience in the sector

Recreativos Benidorm

We are a family business created in 1995 in Benidorm under the name of Profibolta S.L., and since 2017 the company name was changed to Recreativos Nivan Benidorm.

A company based in Benidorm, which manages and administers machines throughout the Valencian Community, Murcia and Catalonia.

About us

We are dedicated to the installation of recreational and leisure machines, dispensers of children’s and adult products that offer a comprehensive service of installation, maintenance, replacement, management and operation.

We have a wide range of electronic and mechanical machines, dispensers for children’s products, etc. All updated and can be
adjust to any type of establishment in which there is a space available.

Among our clients we have hotel chains, independent hotels, apartment complexes, campsites, arcades, shopping centers, theme parks, sports facilities, centers
social, restaurants, bars, pubs and in general all kinds of hotel, leisure and entertainment venues.

At this moment we have more than a thousand machines of all kinds installed; from billiards and table football, to gum or candy dispensers, to a
extensive range of latest generation electronic machines (no vending).

This has been possible thanks to a constant dedication, professionalism and quality in the service provided; apart from the advice and ability to generate income to owners and managers of establishments that have
surprised by this source of income, in many cases, little considered.

Rental of recreational and vending machines

Vehicle fleet

We have a large fleet of vehicles with the capacity to move the machines, as well as the necessary material for their repair.

In this regard, we do not depend on third-party carriers, so the repair or delivery of the machine is carried out more quickly.


vehicle fleet recreativos benidorm

Our principles

Extensive experience in the sector has led us to establish some basic principles in our company, these being a fundamental and necessary pillar for continuous development and growth.

Quality and service

For us, quality is the basis of our principles. The maintenance service supports this principle, and is a pillar in our company.


We constantly prepare our team for a fantastic and thorough organization.


Improvement and Innovation

We are in a continuous line of improvement in all areas of the company, machines, services and personnel.

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