Recreational and vending machines

More than 25 years in the sector guarantee the professionalism of our services for the operation of recreational and vending machines, we install machines along the east coast of Spain from Tarragona to La Manga (Murcia).

We are dedicated to the installation of recreational and leisure machines, dispensers for children and adults. We offer a comprehensive service of installation, maintenance, replacement, management and operation.

Know our main services

Recreational and vending machines or product dispensers

All kinds of machines

Vending Machines, Recreational, Arcade, Retro, Sports, Product dispensers for children and adults …

Assembly of recreational rooms

Recreational rooms

We create entertainment spaces, adapting machines and look for the best solutions for your business.


Maintenance of recreational and vending machines

24/7 maintenance

For us, maintenance service is the most important thing, we streamline repair processes and reduce unnecessary waiting times.

Advice on assembly of recreational and vending machines


We look for the gaps and needs, offering the ideal product for your establishment.



Complete installation of recreational rooms

We provide the establishment with the advice required to optimize entertainment and make the most of each meter of space dedicated to the installation of recreational facilities.

How do we operate?
We transport, install and transfer our machines to establishments, placing them in the place and under the conditions at the request of the owner or manager, always at the request of the same together with our advice.

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